Mark Binks was born a while ago, in a place in which he then grew up. Now he calls Toronto home but often travels for work, which is all right by him. His loves include, in no particular order, dogs (all dogs ever), riding his bike, eating fish tacos, standup comedy and hip-hop. His dislikes include writing about himself in the third person. Upon realizing he's not all that funny or particularly good at rapping, he settled in to his fallback career as a photographer and soon learned that his worst day on set is still better than a lot of people's best day at most jobs, and for that he is terribly grateful.

His work has appeared in The Globe and Mail Style Advisor, Dressed to Kill Men, B-Insider, Fantastics, Ellements, Plaid, 1968, Peter Tom and Dave, Mod, Revive, Lone Wolf, Schon, The Fashionisto, Relapse, Male Model Scene, Truly Modern Beauty and Lucy's. His clients include Blacksaw, Watson Backpacks,, Sentaler, Rogers, Jack FM, Sears, Toys R' Us, The Canadian Film Centre and more.